Sunday, 9 December 2018

#welovemaps - even with our Christmas Decs!

FIND’s Christmas decorations this year are map themed #welovemaps

With a little practice you can make one of these stars in under a minute.

1. Take an A4 or A5 size sheet of paper and fold it in half.

2. Mark the centre of the left edge by making a small fold.

3. Fold the bottom right corner to the mark you’ve just made on the left edge.

4. Fold the right edge over to match the fold beneath.

5. Turn your work over and fold the remaining triangle to create a well aligned point.

6. Starting from the shortest point snip to the centre of the opposite edge.

You now have a star!

7. On the wrong side make all the short folds proud.
On the right side make all the long folds proud.
Define all your folds and arrange the points into a lovely star.

8. Use a punch to make holes for threading as bunting.

Our stars were made using pages from an obsolete map book, but you can use anything you like…wrapping paper, pages from a magazine, newspaper etc.

Merry Christmas!

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