Saturday, 22 December 2018

Merry Christmas from all @FINDmaps

Please be advised that our office is now closed until the 2nd January 2019

Emergency support will still be available during the holidays.

We'd like to wish all our customers, suppliers and supporters a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

Sunday, 9 December 2018

#welovemaps - even with our Christmas Decs!

FIND’s Christmas decorations this year are map themed #welovemaps

With a little practice you can make one of these stars in under a minute.

1. Take an A4 or A5 size sheet of paper and fold it in half.

2. Mark the centre of the left edge by making a small fold.

3. Fold the bottom right corner to the mark you’ve just made on the left edge.

4. Fold the right edge over to match the fold beneath.

5. Turn your work over and fold the remaining triangle to create a well aligned point.

6. Starting from the shortest point snip to the centre of the opposite edge.

You now have a star!

7. On the wrong side make all the short folds proud.
On the right side make all the long folds proud.
Define all your folds and arrange the points into a lovely star.

8. Use a punch to make holes for threading as bunting.

Our stars were made using pages from an obsolete map book, but you can use anything you like…wrapping paper, pages from a magazine, newspaper etc.

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, 27 September 2018

Giant Wall Map!

We recently produced files for a client in East Anglia which were used to print giant wall maps.  To create sharp, detailed images the data was divided into numerous files and then digitally stitched back together.  The client is very happy with the results and sent us this photo of the maps in situ.

Friday, 31 August 2018

F!nd are excited to welcome Davison Bullock to the Team

We’re pleased to welcome Davison Bullock to the FIND team.  Dave is a GIS technical specialist with a wealth of experience gained over many years in companies including Ordnance Survey, Pitney Bowes and Willis Re Analytics.

Last year Dave added to his knowledge and skillset by completing a Masters in IT.  He will now have more time for other interests.

Dave is constantly adding to his collection of rare vinyl.  He’s also collects autographs and has met a number of celebs.

His other great passion is football.  After five matches his home team is sitting mid-table in League One.  Just a few season back Luton Town were playing non-league football so the future’s looking bright…bright orange.  Come on you Hatters!

Wednesday, 20 June 2018

Summer Party…. The Orangery, Cavendish square

To celebrate all the hard work of the year so far, the GIA family, alongside VuCity, Wagstaffs and ourselves at Find, joined together for a night of summer fun!


A Pimm’s reception to start gave time to explore this stunning venue. Live music from Sistacated really livened up the night, performing classic Motown hits to modern day mashups.

The catering was quality, providing perfect summer grub including barbequed burgers (with brioche buns!), corn on the cob and roasted baby potatoes (a few of my favourites). A free bar is always dangerous at a work party, but the quantity of food was more than sufficient in ensuring the night didn’t end too soon for some ūüėä

As the night went on, the dance moves were in full swing, leading to a dance off! I can certainly say I have some talented colleagues.

We are definitely a big family here, working closely with our sister companies. Unfortunately, a colleague could not make it to the party (thanks Beyoncé), so we decided to bring her along (in model form!).


What an enjoyable evening! Special thanks to the organisers ūüėä

Jon Collin, Junior GIS Consultant

Thursday, 21 December 2017

Phenomenal Fudge by our very own Mrs Christmas

As a Christmas Treat, the lovely Pamela here at F!nd has very kindly given us all a lesson on the wonder that is her beautiful homemade fudge! Followed correctly, the below recipe should be bombproof, and provide you with festive fudge for the holidays...


115g salted butter

1 tin condensed milk

1 large tub clotted cream (Rhoda is my brand of choice)

450g demerara sugar (Billingtons has the best flavour)

1 tsp vanilla paste


Put a jug of cold water in the fridge.

Line a small toffee tin and butter the paper

Select a reasonably big pan (for this volume I use one that’s c20cm wide and c10cm deep)

Use a wooden spoon (that’s important)


Over a low heat melt the butter and then add the cream, condensed milk and sugar. Gradually bring the mixture to the boil.

Increase the heat a little to achieve a relatively vigorous boil and continue to cook until the mixture thickens and darkens (this usually takes c15-20 minutes). Test for soft toffee stage by trickling some fudge off the wooden spoon into the jug of cold water. After a couple of seconds lift it out with a metal spoon, roll it into a ball and place it on a plate/work surface. When the ball is firm enough to hold its shape, but will squash down a bit when you press it, take the pan off the heat.

NB: If you need to test a few times do it quickly and get back to stirring.

Continue to stir as the fudge thickens and cools. You don’t need to beat the mixture…just keep it moving. To save my arms and let gravity do some of the work I sit down and put the pot on a wooden board on the floor during this stage. This has the added benefit of getting me away from the heat of the cooker!

When the mixture holds a trail stir in the vanilla paste.

Pour into your tin and leave to cool. It's really is as simple as that ;o)


For salted caramel: use a tin of caramel condensed milk and sprinkle with sea salt when nearly cold.

For chocolate: once the butter has melted, take the pan off the heat and add a 100g bar of quality dark chocolate. Leave to melt. Don’t do this with the pan on the heat as the chocolate may burn. I find that 85% chocolate gives the best result. You will need to scrutinize the label and note how many grams of fat the chocolate contains. This figure should be deducted from the 115g of butter in the recipe…it’s usually about 40g.  Don’t be tempted to use the chocolate flavour condensed milk. I’ve tried and it tastes awful.

For rum & raisin: soak sultanas (much nicer than raisins) in rum, drain off excess rum and add with the vanilla.

For cherry brandy: soak dried cherries in brandy.


Happy fudging!

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Well what a week of ice, snow and frost that was. The canal has been frozen solid meaning Clutie and I had to remain put. It was however, great fun feeding the ducks on frozen water! 

Transition from northern canals to southern canals. Had to go through the Hawkesbury toll gate, a lock only 6 inches deep, but in olden times essential to ensure people paid the tolls!

It may be beginning to look a lot like Christmas outside but thankfully, inside, Clutie is always warm!