Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Get ahead by adopting modern mapping practices

With smartphones and netbooks becoming the norm, our personal use of technology has rapidly become sophisticated. But what about the use of technology in the work place to help us be as efficient and smart as possible?

Microsoft's internet browser, Internet Explorer 6, is a prime example of redundant technology still present in the workplace; many large web companies such as Google, Youtube and Facebook have all begun ending support for it, with world usage of IE6 at 8.9% in July 2010, down from 48.5% in July 2007. Yet many large and small businesses and government agencies continue to use IE6 as they have come to rely on it for their internal software.

Its not just on the web where trends are changing in the workplace; most architects have moved on from pen-to-paper drawings in favour of CAD, and developers and surveyors have moved from Google Earth to a dedicated mapping provider like ourselves; those that are adopting modern practices will quickly be ahead of those that do not. People don't like changing their old habits, but if they ignore new technology, they could find themselves far behind and paying a heavy price.

Even some mapping providers seem to be trailing the pack in keeping up with trends and satisfying clients' ever growing needs. Here at FIND we understand those needs, and therefore we strive to be leaders in our field rather than followers.

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