Monday, 12 May 2014

Get a better looking map

The quality and style of maps is becoming increasingly important to many firms. When presenting maps to a client it’s especially important that they look clean and professional. This is essential for creating the right impression and increasing ‘production value’.

For example, boundary maps used in catalogues and listings by estate agents must be accurate and clear. As well as being useful and attractive, they must also complement the overall design of the document or website.

The ‘FIND Map’/OS MasterMap with a carefully developed theme for ease of interpretation and enhanced presentation
Styling is especially important when using OS MasterMap because it is a vector (data) product that must be styled in order to convert it to rasters for creating prints and images. When hundreds of different map elements need to be individually styled this can be a time consuming process.

FIND has carefully styled OS MasterMap to highlight property-related elements such as building outlines and to remove superfluous line work and text. This produces maps that are easier to interpret and are therefore ideal for inclusion in reports and catalogues.

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