Friday, 5 September 2014

More accurate exporting and annotating with FIND Maps September 2014 update

FIND Maps now has the ability to create export areas and annotations more accurately by typing in exact values, such as centre points, radiuses and buffers. We've also added dynamic 'widescreen' map viewing.

Simpler and more accurate exports

  • New easy-to-use step-by-step ordering
  • Rectangle export: enter exact area size and corner coordinates
  • Circle export: enter exact radius and centre coordinates
  • Free-draw export: add a buffer
Key benefits: Save time and order exports more accurately.

Map annotation tool enhancements

  • Enter exact rectangle dimensions and corner coordinates
  • Enter exact circle radius and centre coordinates

Key benefits: Create more accurate annotations by typing in exact values.

Widescreen map viewing

  • The map screen dynamically resizes to your web bowser window creating largest map screen possible
Key benefits: Make the most of your screen real estate with a large window to work on your mapping.

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