Friday, 24 April 2015

sketchmap gets OpenStreetMap, OS maps and greenbelt layer

As of now can view two new map layers - OpenStreetMap and OS Maps - on, as well as greenbelt land for the whole of England.

We have added OpenStreetMap (OSM) with MapBox customisation to give the map a clean and attractive look. OSM was inspired by the success of wikipedia and contains crowdsourced contributions from thousands of users around the world.
OpenStreetMap on sketchmap
To view OSM on sketchmap go to the top-left of the map screen and select ‘Mapbox/OSM’ from the dropdown.

>View OSM on sketchmap

OS Maps - Explorer and Landranger 
Two classic |OS maps, Explorer and Landranger, can now be viewed for free on sketchmap.
OS Explorer on sketchmap
To view the OS Maps on sketchmap go to the top left of the map screen and select ‘OS Maps’ from the dropdown. You will need to be zoomed into the map at least half way to view these maps, as they do not display at higher scales. The OS Map will automatically switch to the more detailed 'Explorer' map at lower map scales.

>View OS maps on sketchmap

Greenbelt map
We have added a boundary layer of all official greenbelt land for the whole of England to the ‘scenic interest’ map layer section on sketchmap.
Greenbelt land on sketchmap
To view greenbelt land just expand the scenic interest layers and tick the box next to ‘greenbelt land’.

>View greenbelt land on sketchmap

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