Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Finding Clutie and setting off on our Adventure...

After looking in the London area and taking advise, I was told go north for best value quality boats. So that's what I did.  
I ended up just outside Chester, stopping at various brokerages along the way and checking out several boats. In the end I decided on Clutie Dumpling. 

I then spent the next three days getting essentials shipped up from London....winter woollies etc..Fitting her out for the journey....tools, axes,saws, spare parts,engine lubricants etc and carrying out some pre-journey engine maintenance.

So I was ready to leave Nantwich on the Adventure of a lifetime and left on a very cold foggy morning. 

The quickest route was down the Shropshire canal to Birmingham but due to scheduled maintenance by the Canal and River Trust, some sections were shut! I was forced to backtrack North up the Middlewich Branch and then down onto the Trent Mersey Canal.

After a few days of sailing, I have found the main highlight of my journey so far has been the people I've met. You could not hope to meet a friendlier, more helpful and interesting group of people than those who live year round on the canals. So far I've met with accountants, lawyers, ex military, a hugely diverse assortment!  Everyone has their own expertise and is happy to share. Naturally once people hear of my background, I become the local geography, mapping and technology Guru....sometimes unfounded...

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