Thursday, 24 June 2010

FIND New release - June 2010

Once again our new release pushes the boundaries of mapping innovation and further extends the provision of free mapping. Release highlights include an exclusive London building height map layer, Northern Ireland maps, and several absolutely free maps from the Ordnance Survey.

Above, hill-shade from Landform Panorama over Locale map on FIND (free to view)

London Building Heights -  FIND have combined some of the highest quality mapping and height survey data in the UK to create the most accurate building height map available. This exclusive map shows buildings with height points superimposed; just like spot heights traditionally shown on walking maps for hills and mountains.The accuracy of this map will astound. In a recent test, One Canada Square, a skyscraper in Canary Wharf, was only 76 cm's off its actual height. The building height layer also lists predicted no of floors, area and volume of a building.

Northern Ireland mapping - FIND is now one of a select few mapping providers in the UK to offer professional quality maps and datasets from OSNI.

Ordnance Survey’s Landform Panorama - From this height data we have created an exclusive and FREE hill-shade layer to really bring to life rural maps ( see image above). We have also made the raw data available to export in a number of CAD and GIS formats. 

Ordnance Survey Street View - This is a specially designed map for online use - it can be viewed, printed and exported FREE of charge.

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