Monday, 28 June 2010

London's most accurate building height map

FIND recently launched an exclusive London Building Heights map. This online map shows buildings with height points superimposed; just like spot heights traditionally shown on walking maps for hills and mountains. But just how accurate is it? The accuracy of the map is unprecedented. In a recent test, One Canada Square, a skyscraper in Canary Wharf, was only 76 cm off its actual height.
The building height map shows at a glance the average and maximum height of any London building, its area and volume, complete with the estimated number of residential and commercial floors. Below, FIND's London Building Height Map: building heights are overlaid over property footprints, with darker orange representing higher buildings.
In order to create the most accurate building height map available, FIND used sophisticated modelling techniques to combine some of the highest quality mapping and height survey data in the UK. This map layer can be used for viewing a site within the context of its surrounds, attaching height values to a planning application, or just getting a feel for the surface terrain of an area.

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