Monday, 5 July 2010

FIND always updates without you having to lift a finger

Our users frequently tell us FIND is a joy to use because it features none of the unnecessary complications experienced on other mapping sites. Why? Well FIND doesn't use Active X, and is a completely Flash based web mapping system.
Flash is a nifty programme that's automatically installed in over 95% of web browsers, and makes many powerful sites like the BBC and YouTube run seamlessly. This means you can enjoy all of FIND updates and new releases without having to lift a finger. Using FIND allows you to avoid involving your IT Department, saving you and them valuable time that would have otherwise been wasted on software maintenance. IT managers tell us Flash based software like FIND is a joy to work with because it frees them up for more important tasks by reducing time spent dealing with high maintenance software like ActiveX.

Active X, found on many old style mapping websites, has many pitfalls; requiring frequent updates that need separate downloads as well as restrictions on the type web browser and PC you can use. Further hassles include needing special ‘Administrator’ privileges to install Active X, and this must be done on every single computer in your network by your IT team. This makes it very cumbersome, slow and high maintenance to use. Flash avoids all of this.

Nearly 10% of FIND users are also Mac users. As a Microsoft product, ActiveX was specifically designed to work with Windows systems, not Mac OS X or GNU/Linux. FIND’s Flash based software has no such issues and works cross platform. We are a Mac users dream mapping site.

FIND remains committed to being easy to use. Tell us your compatibility issues.

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