Thursday, 29 July 2010

Boris' new protected views for central London

As holders of the only central view database in the UK, we allways keep up-to-date with protected view news. Boris Johnson has today published new guidance aimed at increasing the protection of London’s historic views.

Above, example of a protected vista mapped to property-level detail

In the London Views Management Framework the Mayor of London has introduced two new protected views between St Paul’s Cathedral and the Palace of Westminster.

The new protected vistas add to the 11 existing protected views in the area, are from the Serpentine Bridge and from Parliament Hill to the Palace of Westminster. The framework also strengthens the protections of views to St Paul’s and the guidance says that “developers and planners must carefully consider the height of new buildings that are built within these corridors”.

Johnson said: “High quality, well-designed and thoughtfully located new buildings add to the enjoyment of our city and can help London’s economy grow and prosper. I am confident it provides greater certainty for developers on how new buildings can enhance, rather than detract from, some of London’s favourite townscapes and views of the magnificent River Thames and will help deliver a smoother development process.”

Rest assured, we at FIND will be updating our protected view report, produced from the only central view database in the UK, as soon as possible.

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