Thursday, 21 July 2011

New Environmental Data viewing service 'EnviroFIND'

Today we launch ‘EnviroFIND’ – an online commercial environmental data viewing subscription service. The service has been specifically designed for organisations which need to view Environment Agency and BGS/NERC data while being legally compliant.

It is currently the only web source offering instant access to this information at flat or reduced rates.

Currently using free Environment Agency data viewers? See our functionality comparison
EnviroFIND provides:
  • Unlimited viewing of over 20 Environment Agency and British Geological Survey data layers
  • Subsidised viewing costs for dozens of other environmental data layers
  • Data fully usable for commercial purposes

Rob Vollans, of Mott MacDonald, said “EnviroFIND is just what the industry needs right now with a user-friendly interface that gives the user access to key environmental data of their choosing, rather than being presented with pages of data which the user does not want or possibly need.”

Jonathan Cundall, 4Site Associates Ltd, said “EnviroFIND is an intuitive web based service which provides our business the flexibility to not only purchase data at very competitive prices, but also to review and assess a very wide range of data quickly and in an iterative approach. This real time service allows us to save time and money and provide an improved service to all our clients. We believe that EnviroFIND moves the provision of environmental data to the next level.

Currently using free Environment Agency data viewers? See our functionality comparison
EnviroFIND was developed in collaboration with key environmental clients already using FIND Maps. This has resulted in a service which meets industry requirements and can be delivered at a low cost - equivalent to just a few pounds per day. A subscription to EnviroFIND allows an unlimited number of views of basic BGS/NERC data layers and Environment Agency data, including NAFRA and EA Flood Zones. More sophisticated BGS layers such as Ground Stability and Radon Affected areas data can also be viewed at reduced rates.

The service will allow a range of organisations to use environmental data more effectively. Desk Studies and bid preparations can be completed more efficiently as specific data can be targeted rather than having to sift through lengthy reports. Clients will be able to use our online interactive tools to create their own annotations and graphics prior to printing the data. EnviroFIND costs between £25-35 per month depending upon the subscription period and number of licences purchased.

To sign up just go to:

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