Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Is ActiveX stopping you from using online mapping on your Mac or PC? We have the solution

When an online mapping service crashes or fails to display maps properly many service providers blame you. They tell you that there’s something wrong with your ISP or the way your PC is set up.

The root of the problem, however, can frequently be found in the ActiveX software you are required to download in order to run some online mapping services. ActiveX will only work with a limited range of hosts - usually Windows in combination with Internet Explorer (IE). This means that whenever a new version of IE comes out you need to install an ActiveX update.

This problem was highlighted when Windows 7 was released. The ‘professional’ mapping service providers using ActiveX did not respond quickly enough and customers were left in limbo. They were given no idea of when the new operating system would be supported and eventually waited a month and a half before the problem was resolved. We are all busy enough already, surely this is a hassle we can do without.

The problems with ActiveX are magnified if you have to maintain it on a range of PCs. It will only ever work reliably on PC with a specific single combination of Windows and IE. Don’t bother to try using ActiveX on Firefox or Chrome – it simply won’t work. It won’t work on Linux or Macs either. So what’s the answer? Switch to a new mapping platform which doesn’t rely on ActiveX.

One of the reasons that FIND's online mapping platform is straightforward to use is that it doesn’t need ActiveX. Our technology uses Flash, a nifty programme that's automatically installed in over 95% of web browsers. We know that Flash is reliable. It’s behind powerful sites like the BBC and Youtube. FIND also works with Windows, Apple and Linux computers, as well as on Firefox, Chrome and IE web browsers. With FIND you don’t need to lift a finger or involve your IT department. We maintain the software and take care of updates and new releases behind the scenes, without you even noticing.

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