Thursday, 7 October 2010

Ordnance Survey new pricing and licensing model

Last week the Ordnance Survey revealed phase one of its new pricing and licensing model, with phase two due out in the new year. The aim is to enable greater access to Ordnance Survey products and geographic datasets under a simplified structure.

Above, OS MasterMap on 

A lot of time and effort has obviously gone into creating these changes; the new model means companies like FIND will have greater flexibility in how they can onward license Ordnance Survey products. This will encourage more organisations to go online and use desktop analysis as a routine part of their work. Ultimately, there will be an increase in the use of sophisticated professional online mapping tools like

The new licensing arrangements will allow FIND to be more flexible and imaginative in how we use data to create web solutions for our clients. We look forward to even more progress in this direction from Ordnance Survey.

FIND offers several OS products to view, print and export:

1:1250 MasterMap - OS Plan
1:1250 MasterMap - FIND Map
1:10000 Ordnance Survey map "Street View"
1:10000 Ordnance Survey map "Street detail"
1:25000 Ordnance Survey map "Locale"
1:50000 Ordnance Survey map "Town"
1:250000 Ordnance Survey map "GB"
Boundaries (Parishes, Ward, Electoral division, Constituencies' Local authority district, County)
Contours (Panorama 50m)
Contours (Profile 5m - 10m)
Postal addresses
Postcode areas
Postcode districts

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